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Malmesbury's Alternative Community Magazine

 Why Advertise with The Malmesbury Jackdaw?

Please send your advertisement via e mail in .PDF, .JPEG or TIFF format with a minimum resolution of 300DPI.

If you don't have an advert don't worry, we can help with simple designs. For anything more sophisticated you will need use a professional designer like:

Design and IT Development Services

tel +44(0) 1453835551

Quarter page advertisement - £ 104 per year.

For an additional £ 25 per year we will also include your advert on our website on the home page.

By prior agreement with The Malmesbury Jackdaw editorial team:

Half page advertisments -£ 208 per year.

Full page advertisments -£ 416 per year

By prior agreement with The Malmesbury Jackdaw editorial team:

Advertorial's - £ 52 for a half page, £ 78 three quarter page.

Advertisements will not be displayed on the front cover

No liability is accepted for any loss or damage arising from any error, inaccuracy or omission. The editor reserves the right to to omit any item not considered suitable for publication.

To advertise please email: admin

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Request to delivery third party printed inserts in conjunction with delivery of The Malmesbury Jackdaw will be charged at a flat rate of £ 52.